Introducing a Dialogue with Colour


Working with Colour Swatches

At the start of each session Philippa and I choose a colour from a range of swatches. This is a colour that we are attracted to at that moment and helps to express our mood at that time. We may or may not work with that colour during the session. We choose another colour at the end of the day. I will then weave the two swatches of colour for each oaf us alongside each other. These 2 continuous strips will continue be woven over the 3 months.

Sketch Books

Philippa and I both have sketchbooks. We’ll add to them throughout the week and swap them over at each session.





Our Final Event and Exhibition

We have now come to the end of our residency. The time has gone really quickly. Some great things have come out of our time at The Free Space Gallery, and I think these will be more evident over the next few months when there’s more time for reflection. Philippa’s work has certainly developed, and it will be really interesting to see what she creates at ActionSpace in the future. I’ve created work I certainly wouldn’t have done if we’d not had this opportunity: I’m going to develop some of the pieces i’ve created over the last 3 months. We had our event last Friday and the work is on show until 27th January 2017. Here are images of some of the work.












Interpreting areas of Philippa’s work

I’ve been weaving a section of one of Philippa’s collages. I intend to interpret three areas of the work in total. These pieces will be placed directly on Philippa’s work. The first section below has been woven on its side. This is so there is no need to sew the violet and dark blue areas together. All three sections will therefore be woven on the side.